Generation Kill Paintball Scenario in North Carolina

Forget Murphy's Law.   
This is Murphy's WAR!   

which side should I pick?

Well, first of all, you say which side you PREFER? We will most likely put you on that side, but to control the numbers and make the game the most fun, we will cap the numbers on  the teams if necessary. (See update on the home page) Aside from that, each side will have it's advantages and disadvantages, as well as perks.

Paintball Scenario NC Generation Kill Team Tango Alpha2

The North Koreans
Paintball Scenario NC Generation Kill Team Tango Alpha2These are the bad guys. There is a certain appeal to being the bad boys. This side can wear whatever they want to wear, and shoot whatever type of marker they want to shoot. If you lose contact with your commander, a good rule of thumb is harass, delay and stop whatever the Marines are trying to do. You definitely want to communicate and work with your commanders as much as possible because the side that is the most strategic and well coordinated will probably win. 

A good North Koreans terrorist (an oxymoron if I ever heard one!) will most likely like to ambush, snipe and be sneaky. The North Koreans want to unify Korea (under North Korean control, of course). This means they don't want to kill the local citizenry, but enlist them in the Cause.

The new North Koreans Commander has instituted a more military displine in an effort to beat the Americans at their own game. He will operate the North Koreans like an organized military resistance with Rules of Engagement and strategy to not only drive the Marines from Korea, but crush them in spirit and morale.

[Producer's Note: We realize there is nothing "fun" or entertaining about the horrors North Koreans have caused, and ARE causing, for the people of Korea, the U.S. the world, and our own military. We also recognize that players choosing to play on this side are not making a political statement, endorsing or supporting terrorists, but are just picking an opposing side of a military style scenario game. "Game" being the key word there. We all play this game in honor of our military forces who risk their lives everyday in a conflict against real world terrorists. Please don't misinterpret our desire to produce this as anything other than an opportunity to educate, entertain and raise money for a military family in need.]

"The men in First Recon battalion are cocky, obnoxious bastards.

They think of themselves as the Marine Corps cowboys. They evolved as jacks-of-all-trades, trained to observe, hunt and kill in any environment. They are our special forces."

Major General James Mattis
Generation Kill

U.S. Marines
If you love a challenge, then the Marines is the best side for you. They will need to maintain communication, discipline and operate within their given guidelines to score their points.  You will should use mil-sim gear such as multi-cam, jungle or military style camouflage, a tactical vest, and a canteen or camelback. We would also suggest a radio. Field discipline has been an issue in the past, rotating out troops for resupply, lunches, following the commander's orders. The new commander will need his Marines tough, able to do what is needed and ready to follow his orders into the heart of battle at all times.

The Marines will make deals with locals, but only to accomplish their long term goal. Get Kim Jung Un, eradicate the North Korean presence in South Korea, and fulfill their missions so they can get out of Korea; while winning the hearts and minds of the Korean citizens. America needs to come away as saviors, not conquering invaders. Granted, they still need to win and survive!

"We're like America's little pit-bull. They beat it, they starve it, and once in a while they let it out to attack somebody"

Anonymous Marine
Generation Kill

Korean Citizens
Here's something new. You can participate for FREE. If you would like to be a role player and be involved in the game and don't want to drop any cash, we can use you as a Korean citizen. The bad news is, you don't necessarily get to fire a gun , but you can be a pivotal player in who wins with your part in the game. Contact me at BEFORE Dec.30th and we can have you come out and train with us to play your part!Contact me for more details.
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