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UPDATED: 1/13/2013

Gen Kill 2013 to help ODX's The Hatchett Family Kick Cancer's Butt!


In 2010, Team Tango Alpha2 donated the proceeds from the raffle to a military family in need (with a veteran and his family suffering from his injuries in Afghanistan and PTSD) and planned to do the same this year... until we received an email from Al Downs, captain of Team SoVa out of Virginia. Instead of helping a family in the military, which we still think is a great thing to do, we are going to help a paintball family in need.

Brain Bunker Ingram2011

The wife of Brian "Bunker" Ingram (named due to his 7'+ height and 250+ lb frame) of Team SoVa, lost her job due to missing so many days of work due to illness. A week after being let go (and losing her healthcare), she found out the reason she was missing work was a diagnosis of cancer.

She has now been accepted and is being sponsored by the American Cancer Society for her surgery that is to be performed at Duke University. The surgery needed is grossly expensive and the American Cancer Society is sponsoring all of it, but 10% which is still a big number that the Ingrams just can't afford. Duke will not perform the surgery until she has raised the money to cover this. In an attempt to assist her raise this money, so she may have the surgery as soon as possible. (The sooner she has it the better her chances), Team SoVa is producing "A Relay for Life" Charity paintball game.

Instead of donating to a military family, Team Tango Alpha2 is donating 100% of the proceeds from the raffle at Generation Kill to the Ingram family to help pay for the surgery. The money the raffle and/or auctions raise we will add to the money that SoVa raises in order to help this family.  To find out more about the Ingram Family and their situation, the Relay for Life game, you can contact Al Downs, captain of Team SoVa at or


Nancy ElwellIn 2012, The story of a courageous lady who was (and is still surviving) Stage 4 Cancer. Nancy Elwell and her daughter, Jennifer live in Charlotte. When Jennifer was a teenager she was in a terrible car wreck. Her back was broken and she was not expected to survive. She did pull through and is now 33 years old, but continues to suffer from pulmonary problems, spinal issues and seizures. She cannot work and is just now learning how to drive. Nancy had breast cancer 6 years ago and it has returned and is now in her lungs, neck and lymph nodes. She has been in and out of the hospital for several months now. The first round of cancer wiped out all of her savings and she has been doing child care and ironing to try to make ends meet. With her failing health, this has not been possible. Their church and friends are helping out as much as possible.

Team Tango Alpha2 was proud to represent the entire paintball community in presenting a check the Elweel family to help in any way it can.

Special Thanks goes out to the Deathdealers from Virginia who matched the first $500 in the Raffle money. Thank you for your generosity and spirit!

2013 Raffle to Help an ODX Brother! 

James Hatchett

100% of Raffle Proceeds to Help a local paintballer fighting leukemia!
Every year it is very hard to decide on a family-in-need to donate what little we generate from the Generation Kill Raffle. There are so many people who need help, but this year it was the easiest decision we ever had.

James Hatchett,  a member of paintball team ODX, was diagnosed with chronic leukemia this December. After speaking with ODX's Josh Justice and James' brother, Dalton, Team Tango Alpha2 has decided donate our charity raffle proceeds to the Hatchett family.

We checked with his family first to make sure this was okay. Some people are very private and uncomfortable with this kind of attention. Dalton said that James and the whole family are just overwhelmed by the support they are getting from the paintball community and that any assistance would be greatly appreciated. While James is able to take oral chemotherapy, the medical costs are staggering. James is 23, single and been playing paintball for about 5 years with his brother Dalton and on ODX for about 4 years. He was able to get out of the hospital just in time for Christmas. While he may not be able to PLAY Generation Kill in January, Dalton says he really wants to attend and support his ODX teammates.

To help support James and his family, we would like to suggest that you come to Generation Kill, and buy as many raffle tickets as you can as all the money will go directly to the Hatchett family. Besides a great cause, you can also win some phenomenal prizes!

You can follow and friend James at on Facebook.

Please bring cash to purchase raffle tickets or to bid on any auctions at the raffle so that we can raise money for this paintball family in need!

Supporting our Military

We realize that, everyday, our military troops are facing these horrors and we are "just playing soldiers", while they are doing it for real. For other ways to help...

[Producer's Note: We realize there is nothing "fun" or entertaining about the horrors terrorists have caused, and ARE causing, for the people of that country, the U.S. the world, and our own military. We also recognize that players choosing to play on this side are not making a political statement, endorsing or supporting terrorists, but are just picking an opposing side of a military style scenario game. "Game" being the key word there. We all play this game in honor of our military forces who risk their lives everyday in a conflict against real world terrorists. Please don't misinterpret our desire to produce this as anything other than an opportunity to educate, entertain and raise money for a military family in need.]


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