Generation Kill Paintball Scenario in North Carolina

Forget Murphy's Law.   
This is Murphy's WAR!   

Raffle: Great Prizes for a Great Cause!

Win a fre Axe paintball marker by purchasing a raffle ticket!100% of the proceeds from the raffle goes to a family in need. You can watch here for updates once we have identified a family that we can help. This is just part of Team Tango Alpha2 and the paintball community reaching out to help real heroes. You can purchase raffle tickets for $1  (or 15 for $10) the day of the event. If you are one of the first 100 players to register, you get a free raffle ticket in your welcome packet.

For a single dollar you can help out a family in need and possibly win one of of the great prizes this year including...

Empire AXE Paintball Marker

Donated by

Wina Free Axe paintball marker by regsierting for Gen Kill RaffleOne of the prizes in our raffle is a FREE Axe paintball marker from Team Tango You purchase a raffle ticket (or several hundred).


  • Unique Push Button Bolt Removal System For Easy Maintenance
  • Empire Relay Regulator/ASA with ON/OFF Lever Makes Tank Removal a Breeze
  • Extended Grip Frame and New Grip for Increased Comfort
  • Magnet Returned Bearing Trigger Offers Smooth Firing Action
  • Accurate, Lightweight, Aluminum Barrel Hits Your Target
  • Integrated Break Beam Anti-Chop Eyes Eliminates Chopped Balls
  • Outstanding Velocity Consistency Offers Performance You can Depend On
  • Low Pressure Operation is Gentle on Paint
  • Multiple Adjustable Firing Modes (Semi, PSP Ramping, NXL, & Millennium Ramping)
  • Patented Proprietary Slipstream Solenoid Allows For Fast Firing
  • Through Grip Air Transfer Means No Hoses to Crimp or Break
  • Clamping Feedneck - No Tools to Mount the Loader

Sport Smoke Battlefield GrenadesSport Smoke Battlefield Grenades Donated by

Donated by
RETAIL VALUE: Four 2 Packs $30each + Hazmat Fees (Total Retail $150)

Product Features

  • Pull ring igniter
  • Thick smoke 2-3 min
  • Easy to handle and carry
  • Biodegradable
  • "Cool burning" Non-Pyrotechnic Smoke
  • Made in the USA

Product Specs

  • Fire Mechanism: Pull-ring
  • Smoke Output: 70,000 cft
  • Duration: 2-3 min
  • Dimensions: 5"×2.5"
  • Weight (lb): .6

US Army Project Salvo Paintball Gun - Black

Donated by

US Army Project Salvo Paintball Gun - Black Donated by Shop4Paintball.comThe US Army Project Salvo Paintball Gun features a six position collapsible and foldable stock, an AR-15 style shroud with four built-in Picatinny rails and a new AR-15 style magazine that doubles as a helpful toolkit. The marker also incorporates a flat-top Picatinny rail built into the receiver, which makes it simple for players to quickly add a handle, site, scope or a variety of other modifications. A high performance 11" quick thread barrel is standard along with removable and adjustable front and rear sights.

As an added benefit, the Project Salvo marker can be easily enhanced with an eGrip as well as several other performance upgrades from the Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series, including: the Cyclone Feed System, Response Trigger and Flatline barrel.

Much like Alpha Black, the name selected for this new marker is rooted in U.S. Military history. Project Salvo was a series of tests conducted by the U.S. Army's Operations Research Office (ORO) from the mid to late 1950s. The research obtained through Project Salvo helped lead to the development of the AR-15, which would go on to become the M-16 – widely considered among the most respected and proven rifles ever utilized by the United States armed forces.

Includes Maintenance Pack: Owners Manual, Army Training Manual on Safety, Teamwork and Strategy, Allen Wrench Set, Spare Tank O-Ring, Marker Lubricant, Cleaning Cable, and Barrel Sleeve


  • AR-15 Style 6 Position Collapsible And Folding Stock
  • Project Salvo AR15 Style Shroud With Picatinny Rails For Customization
  • 11" Quick Thread Barrel (98 Threads)
  • Removable And Adjustable Front And Rear Sights
  • All Aluminum Die Cast Tippmann Project Salvo Receiver
  • Stainless Steel Gas Line – Won't Rust Or Break
  • Proven High Performance In-Line Bolt System
  • Quick Release Feeder Elbow For Easy maintenance
  • Picatinny Rails Make Adding Scopes, Carry Handles, And Other Accessories Quick And Convenient
  • Compatible With 98 Custom Response Trigger And 98 Platinum Series Flatline Barrel

GOG G1 Tactical Paintball Gun w/ Blackheart Board

Donated by Shop4Paintball.comGOG G1 Tactical Paintball Gun w/ Blackheart Board Donated by
RETAIL: $299.95

The GOG G1 Tactical Paintball Gun with Blackheart Board has been designed for entry level and Scenario players. It's built using the latest technology and features 7 Accessory Rails to add scopes, beams, and other accessories


  • 20 balls per second
  • Customer adjustable 'left, right or center feed neck'
  • 14" Tactical Barrel
  • M16 Style extending stock
  • Hammer free Electro-pneumatic Design
  • Simple 9-Volt OperationGOG G1 Tactical Paintball Gun w/ Blackheart Board Donated by
  • Multt-Gas Operation
  • Light Microswitch Trigger with 2 Adjustable Points
  • Simple Maintenance with bolt out back design
  • Low Bolt Pressure Anti-Chop technology
  • Max-Flo R Vertical Regulator
  • Standard Smart Parts Barrel Thread
  • Integrated Tactical Flashlight Mount
  • 7 Accessory Rails for ultimate mounting options
  • Built using high quality 6000 series aluminium and high grade composite materials for ultimate strength.
  • Adjustable Trigger

Tippmann A-5 w/SS Paintball Gun with Response Trigger

Donated by RockstarTactical.comGOG G1 Tactical Paintball Gun w/ Blackheart Board Donated by
Retails $300-350

The new A-5 is now more reliable, accurate and easier to maintain than ever before. The new 2011 Tippmann A5 includes ten new design upgrades.

  • New Cyclone Feed System – feeds up to 15 balls per second without batteries
  • New External Selector Switch – allows players to switch easily from safety to firing mode
  • New Larger Front Grip – has a better feel and upgrades are easier to add
  • New Stock Barrel – 8.5" high-performance stone-honed barrel enhances accuracy and reduces noise
  • New Redesigned Internal Bore – wider design for faster field stripping and easier maintenance
  • New Lighter Receiver Design – reduces the overall weight of the marker
  • New Tombstone Connections – maintenance is faster and easier
  • New Sling Mounts – removable front mount makes it easy to add a sling
  • New Low-Profile Hopper – offset design offers a clear sightline
  • New Black Gasline – provides greater on-field stealth and heavy-duty construction

The new A-5 with External Selector Switch E-Grip also features a magnetically activated, Hall Effect trigger with three positions to allow players to change speeds on the fly. The new eGrip features 5 firing modes (semi-auto, auto-response, full auto, 3-shot bursts, turbo) that fires up to 15 BPS (New ASTM Standards) and has a weather proof design. In addition, the new A-5 Flatline barrel with built-in foregrip will be available as a separate accessory.

  • Includes:
    • Tool Kit
    • Spare Parts Kit
    • Low Profile 200rd Cyclone Feed Loader
    • Response Trigger Installed

More Prizes to be Announced...


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