Generation Kill Paintball Scenario in North Carolina

Forget Murphy's Law.   
This is Murphy's WAR!   

Generation Kill: the difference

Paintball Scenario, NC, Generation Kill, Team Tango Alpha2What makes this game different from most?

  • We will have 2 armies, Rules of Engagement, and role players in those armies, plus...
  • Local citizens/informers/role players who can help, hinder, or blow up any side
  • Kill shots are ABOVE the knees and elbows only*
  • You not only have to contend with the opposition and a 3rd wild card faction, but with Murphy's Law as well. In war, there is no "fair" and anything that can go wrong, will.
  • 100% of the prize raffle is going to a family in need

  • Taxi Service - we have a truck to transport dead players back to teh staging area to save energy for teh battle and to minimize the impact of those hills!

We looked at what makes a game "good" from a players perspective (well, the things we can influence, anyway).

  • Minimal lines - we are partnering with Command Decisions who do some of the largest games in the area and excel at minimizing wait times for chrono, sign in, air fills, and paint lines. We will have
    • multiple check in lines
    • personnel directing you to the fastest place to get you signed in and ready to play paintball
    • 12-16 additional "staff members" to assist in chronoing, sign ins, paint lines,
    • outsourcing the air fill stations
  • Opportunity to Save Money - register early to save on entry fees
    • Minimize Cheating - there is nothing we can do to eliminate this from paintball. Some people simply have no honor. What can you do? What we did was...
      • reduce the size of the playable area so it is not a mile long trek to get off the field and repaint and air. It also concentrates our referees to a smaller area.
      • Add as many DZ's and spread them as equally as possible to make it easy to respawn. This minimizes the temptation.
      • Plenty of referees - our role players will double as refs and will always be where the action is at, as well as regular CDWC refs working a zone pattern to cover the whole field. We should have more than 1 ref for every 20 players, potentially 1 per 15 players - better than any scneario we know of.
      • Punish wipers and cheaters with immediate expulsion from the game based on the referee's call. Zero Tolerance.
    • Maximize Fun - we are...
      • Starting right on time and allowing early field access to give you more paintball for your money.
      • Changing the kill shots to below the knees and elbows and NOT guns so that you can stay on the field longer and minimize the number of DZ treks up and down those hills.
      • Allowing all players to carry as much paint as they like.
      • Making the missions NOT be Capture and Hold to minimize "guard duty" of uncontested bases, allowing you to be in the fight as much as possible.





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